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Timothy Jahn Teaching Sadie Valeri

Timothy W. Jahn is a graduate of Ani Art Academies and the duCret School of Art. 

He has also studied at The Arts Students League, The National Academy of Fine Art and Design, and LaCoste School of Art. He is a representational painter known for his figurative works. The works are traditional in execution. His paintings have been exhibited in numerous solo and group exhibitions across the United States. Jahn is currently the Dean of Ani Art Academies in Sri Lanka.

Composition   Composition is the arrangement of elements within a work of art. It is the cornerstone of the greatest images we enjoy. There are

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Roger long
Timothy Jahn - Bradon Drake
Timothy Jahn - Romaro Richardson
Timothy Jahn - Sasha Barysheva
Jack Jahn Atelier
Timothy Jahn - Ali Lang
Timothy Jahn - Elizardo Mojica
Timothy Jahn - Tafari Carwford
Timothy Jahn - Dave Robinson
Timothy Jahn - Shawn