Composition   Composition is the arrangement of elements within a work of art. It is the cornerstone of the greatest images we enjoy. There are many different theories as to what makes a good composition.  In this article, I am going to share with you some concepts and strategies that you can use to begin […]

Drawing the 3-Dimensional Sphere

Properties of light

Drawing a 3-dimensional sphere The sphere is one of the most the key forms that artist need to gain control over. This deceptively simple from in a vital element to grow your artist foundation from. How to draw a 3d sphere. The 3d sphere of a sphere builds out of a perfect circle. A circle […]

Drawing Exercises – Pen and dexterity focus

drawing exercise Jahn Atelier

Drawing Exercises – Pen and dexterity focus This is an In-depth guide of recommendations for  daily  exercises to increase hand control. By developing the habit of working to improve these daily you will help to foster yourself to be ready to handle any art challenge that comes to mind.  Overview of drawing exercises.  Now we […]

How to write an artist CV

Timothy Jahn How to write a c/v

As you make an effort to build your career as an artist you will need to communicate to your collectors and galleries what you have accomplished. Artists are usually asked for two common forms of information. An artist statement and a CV. This Guide will show you what is expected for your CV. What is […]