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Drawing the 3-Dimensional Sphere

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Drawing a 3-dimensional sphere

The sphere is one of the most the key forms that artist need to gain control over. This deceptively simple from in a vital element to grow your artist foundation from.

How to draw a 3d sphere.

The 3d sphere of a sphere builds out of a perfect circle. A circle fits with in a square. One way of approving you’re drawing is to draw the form out with string lines. This will allow you to find the from that your looking for was well as minimize the damage of the paper.

For more on drawing shapes check out this article.

Sphere Jahn Atelier
Circle with a box.
Sphere Jahn Atelier
Finding high and with.
Sphere Jahn Atelier
Finding outer edge of circle with octagon shape.
Sphere Jahn Atelier
Closing the circle with remaining straight lines.

Lighting a sphere.

Sphere one light

After we have our sphere incited on our drawing we now how to show the illusion of dimension. This is done by showing light illuminated our sphere. So how do we have to represent it. 

To show the illusion of form you will need to show the illusion of light hitting the object. If we direct a single light source at a sphere we can isolate the properties of light. 

The form will be split into a light shape and a shadow shape. 

Sphere light shape Sphere shadow pattern

This separation is indicated by the terminator or attached shadow accent. 

Sphere terminator

Within the light shape we find the: High light… light…. and middle-tone sometimes referred to as half-tone.

Properties of light

With in the area we identified as the shadow, we find the attached shadow accent, form shadow, cast shadow, reflected light, and the cast shadow accent.

How to draw a 3d sphere step by step.

Below are the stages of a charcoal drawing and chalk drawing representing the how to draw a sphere in a single light scenario. If you would like a detailed list of material used please check here.

Sphere Timothy Jahn Jahn Atelier
Line drawing
Timothy Jahn Sphere
Shadows and middle-tone
Timothy Jahn Sphere
High light, light and middle-tone
Timothy Jahn Sphere
Refinement of lights
Timothy Jahn Sphere
Reflected light

How to draw a 3d sphere in perspective.

Remember that your sphere can exist in a cube. So if you find your self unclear about its position in 3d space place a cube in perspective considering your horizon line and then you can find the oration and placement of your sphere.

How to draw a 3d sphere with a shadow.

A single light source will travel in a straight line. This line continues until the ray of light looses power and diminishes or an object iterates its pathway. When an objects moves into the ray of light it will create a cast shadow and a an area that can be referred to as a light void.

Andrew Loomis determine the cast shadow of a sphere

Andrew Loomis 

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