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In my youth, drawing and painting really fascinated me. While I was exposed to a lot of classes, finding good quality art education was difficult. As I have been teaching the last 10 years outside the United States, it has become more clear to me that the lack of quality art education for beginners to intermediate artists is lacking. 

Over the course of my studies, I have been fortunate to have been in the class with some dynamic teachers that demonstrated a clear breakdown of complex information. 

The goal of my free videos, blogs, and paid lessons is to consolidate the best instruction and concepts for beginners to intermediate artists. 

Many of the apprentices that have studied with me had little skill on their first day. With logical and persistent effort an artist can develop the skills they need for success. 

Art Works from former apprentices

Timothy Jahn Teaching

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Working with developing artist is a real joy. The apprentices that work with me are give as full of an education as to what’s required of a working artist. We not only go over technical skills like form and value but the business and marking of art is all discussed, He is a link on how to set up your Artist CV. 
Jahn Atelier curriculum is designed to assist artist in developing the art work to the best of their ability. If you are just starting out please check out the The comprehensive – Beginners guide to drawing realism. This was put together to help beginning to intermediate artist develop their skills and build an understanding of the fundamentals.  
If you’re looking to improve your drawing and painting skills, I offer an online mentorship.  The assignments and assessments are geared to help you improve your art work for your long term dreams. 
The online mentorship is sold as a “Block” which is a four week increment.  You will have access to a one hour video call per week for personalized assessments and pending assignments.

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Timothy Jahn - Bradon Drake
Timothy Jahn - Romaro Richardson
Timothy Jahn - Sasha Barysheva
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Timothy Jahn - Ali Lang
Timothy Jahn - Elizardo Mojica
Timothy Jahn - Tafari Carwford
Timothy Jahn - Dave Robinson
Timothy Jahn - Shawn