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Contrast: Art Tips

Timothy Jahn
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Composition Basics: Contrast  

Using contrast can improve your drawings. Constructed for beginners to help gain better understating of how contrast effects drawings. This easy to follow drawing tutorial and the examples of these concepts is streamlined for your knowledge and entertainment. Learning to draw can be overwhelming at first but as you begin to gain a little bit of understanding the overwhelming joy drawing brings will motivate you to continue your studies. Contrast can be used in so many ways. It represents itself in Value, Color, Texture, and Scale. As you learn to see these concepts and manipulate them, your work will really take off. Utilizing these drawing tips and conceptual concepts will help your work evolve. I demonstrate how to use a black mirror and illustrate how the various ways value contrast can be used in images. I truly hope this information is helpful and if you have any questions please place them in the comments below.

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