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Value – Drawing Techniques for beginners

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Value in drawing and drawing techniques

This value drawing lesson covers value scales for drawing as well as drawing techniques. If you want your drawing to improve quickly, getting control over your values is key.

The word Value can be looked at two ways. We are going to go over the technical question of value as it relates to color and to light. 


The other use of Value refers to the sentimental, cultural, or ritualistic importance of the work. This is completely subjective and not something I am going to discuss here.  


Value is one of  seven elements of art, line, shape, space, form, texture, and color. 


The value in art is a quality or a value of light and dark of a certain shade or tone. This art element is best understood if visualized as a scale or a gradient.For many, value in art is more important than color. It’s the one element of art that when you gain control over it your artworks make the biggest jump forward in quality and competence. 


Value in art helps to create the illusion of mass and volume. It is also crucial for the creation of a dramatic effect and of the focal point within an artwork. One thing to keep in mind is when drawing realism we are attempting to show: form, texture as well as a sense of lighting and depth 


Shading Techniques for Value Drawing 

In this video I am going to show you several techniques, drills and variations that you can try to help accelerate you’re learning.


What pencil techniques do you cover?

  •  pencil shading
  •  rendering techniques 
  • traditional graphite
  • hatching
  • cross hatching
  • directional
  • chiseled tip
  • stippling

Value for drawing 

The value drawing examples were laid out in an easy format. If you take the time too do these value drawing exercise you will begin to increase your control and skill in your drawings. 

This is a great video for someone looking to get an overview of what techniques are possible for drawings. I hope you enjoy the information and you’re able to learn something. 

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